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Ullapool Village Hall is owned independently by the village, but gratefully acknowledges support from the Highland Council.

The voluntary Village Hall management committee meets four times a year and is dedicated to providing a good value and pleasant multifunctional venue for the social, cultural and entertainment activities which a historic, traditional village hall can offer.

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Ullapool Village Hall has had a varied history since it was first built as a Free Church school soon after the Disruption in 1843.

Following the 1878 Education Act it was amalgamated with the local Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge (SPCK) school to become the local school, remaining so until the present (primary) school replaced it in 1929. There are still a few residents living in the area who attended it as pupils and this association was part of what started the affection that has grown and is still felt by the community.

Subsequently, the Education Committee “sold” the Hall for £150 to representatives of the village and it became a pivotal centre of the Amenity (later the CommunityAssociation. Other parts of its “empire” became the tennis courts, a museum, a recreation hut, bicycle hut, tourist office, library, youth hostel, sports centre, vet’s surgery, canteen, Masonic lodge, ballet school, youth cafe, etc. Many of these activities were successful enough to merit expansion into dedicated venues after the Hall had acted as the catalyst from start-up to further development. To this day this remains one of its roles.

The Hall was enlarged in the 1970s and has recently enjoyed further extension and a major refurbishment, thanks to a dedicated fund for village halls from proceeds of the National Lottery. Though the most dramatic change has been the addition of a modern and beautiful conservatory and foyer, much else was achieved in the year 2000 including extensive refurbishment of the basic structure which guarantees that the Hall will remain a useful venue for the next generation

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